WHERE: ZOOM | WHEN: April 18th, at 10AM EST

TIME KILLS DEALS! TAG TEAM Your Roadmap to Homeownership!

You get a call with your prospect, you have a really meaningful conversation but it's still not enough? Register for our one-time online class to learn how to close THAT deal and much more!

During our online class you'll learn:

  • The variables and reasons for the “Closed Lost” opportunity  most especially the killer of all deals in my experience - TIME;

  • How to get something in return for investing more time;

  • The Commonly used excuses for not presenting a proposal;

  • How to set expectations upfront and how to summarize the Milestone process;

  • 🎁BONUS: Free E-Book "Time Kills Deals" for all registrants


“Let’s TAG TEAM This Deal!” ®
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About the Host

Anthony Angelillo

Anthony is the President and Founder of TAG TEAM NATION. He is one of the Top Originators of 2020 and 2021, a Loan Officer, and a co-host of the award-winning real estate podcast - DAMAGE CONTROL.

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About The Host Event Presentation (2)